Container Gardening in the Winter

When temperatures drop and snow falls, it’s time to move those plants indoors to keep fresh produce all winter long.

Where to Keep Your Container Gardens

Containers are generally very portable.  To grow through the winter, though, you’ll need a semi-permanent space to put them in that is heated and allows sunlight in to the plants in ample quantities.  A greenhouse is ideal, but not everyone has one of those.  A room with a large, south-facing window is the next best thing. 

Decorating with Container Gardens

Indoor gardeners often choose such a window and build a decorative shelving system around it to house their garden.  Sometimes this is just a few spices for the kitchen, other times it’s a full bevy of garden vegetables from cucumbers to lettuce.  Your lifestyle, space, and your family’s patience will dictate how much you can do.  If done right, though, just five square feet of space around a south-facing window of good size can literally grow a whole season’s worth of garden vegetables to keep your table in the fresh, home-grown greens through most of the winter.

Grow Lights

Outside of invading your home’s space for planting, unless you live in a very mild zone, you will not otherwise likely be able to grow through the winter.  That is, unless you don’t mind using grow lights.  These can replace the window and allow you to grow plants in any part of your home – even that little used basement storage room.

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